Contest regulations

The Challenge

You must create a unique and memorable slogan for the tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The one which local and international travel agencies (as well as the Kyrgyz Government people responsible for this part of our economy) will pick up and use to identify Kyrgyzstan on the world travel market.

The slogan must only be in words. When using the internet form please write it all into the proposal form.

Should you wish to add a graphic sketch to your slogan or provide an explanation (a «legend», a description of the desired context for the use of the slogan etc.), you can do it in the second field provided in the form.

Some Advice

Your slogan must make sense first of all to foreign tourists. For example, we have nothing against the use of Manas as a symbol of Kyrgyzstan, but this legendary figure and his role in the Kyrgyz culture is evident to hardly even 1 per cent of all the people who come to travel around this country. So do not focus on symbols which are well known domestically but hardly evident to outsiders.

We all know about «Celestial Mountains», «The Silk Route», «nomads» etc. Again, we have nothing against the creative use of these symbols in developing the slogan. However we would recommend you to view the task wider and not necessarily stick to the national symbolism. Maybe the optimal solution lies in an entirely different area — be creative!

Legal Terms and Conditions of The Contest to Create Slogans for The Tourism Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic

Below are the terms and conditions of the contest to create slogans for the tourism industry of the Kyrgyz Republic (the «Contest»), which are legally binding for all the participants of the Contest that:

  • have registered through the website to participate in the Contest by submitting slogan proposals or have otherwise submitted their Contest proposals («Bidders»)
  • have registered through the website to participate in the Contest by casting their votes for proposals put to vote («Voters»)
  • have agreed to provide monetary prizes or other incentives for the participants of the Contest («Sponsors»).

The organizer of the Contest responsible for its conclusion and the distribution of the agreed prize is Leman Niet-Araket, LLC — a legal entity under the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic licensed as a broker-dealer and investment manager in the Kyrgyz Republic (the «Organizer»).

Intellectual Property Rights

1. The Contest has a monetary prize, however, all the Bidders agree that their effort within the Contest is first of all a contribution for the benefit of the Kyrgyz Republic and the development of its tourism industry.

Therefore in the course of the Contest no-one acquires exclusive or otherwise special rights to the intellectual product created by the Bidders, including the Bidders themselves.

All the works submitted to the Contest, following their publication on the Contest’s website may be freely (no need for licenses) and for no pay used by any person (for example, a travel agency, other sellers of travel services etc.), however, with one important limitation: such usage is only allowed for the promotion of tourism in the Kyrgyz Republic and for the benefit of no other country or territory.

The Organizer retains the right (in fact, the only right which the Organizer acquires by virtue of proposals being submitted to the Contest) to demand from any person violating the above restriction, to cease the use of the slogan published in the course of the Contest.

2. The Organizer stresses that the disclaiming of all the rights by the Bidders as described above relates to all the Bidders and not only to the winning one.

Proposals to be Free of Rights

3. Each slogan proposed by the Bidder must be free and clear of any rights of any person (including the Bidder), must not be registered as a trademark / service mark in the Kyrgyz Republic for any class related to tourism or any goods or services which may be offered to tourists in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Moderation of Proposals

4. The Organizer is under no obligation to publish all the bids or to keep them published on the website after submittal. Should, in the opinion of the Organizer, a proposal appear to be unethical, copying an existing brand, profane or for any other reason unacceptable, the Organizer can remove the proposal from the website (or decline to publish it) and will inform the Bidder accordingly. The Organizer acquires NO RIGHTS to the proposals which are not published.

Selection of the Winner

5. To select the winning Bidder:

  • an internet voting will be held through the dedicated page ( maintained by the Organizer. The Organizer may, at its discretion, apply algorithms to exclude manipulation of the vote count.
  • The Organizer shall consult with, and note the position of The Jury. The Jury is made up of people who, in the Organizer’s opinion, can make a quality contribution to the selection of the best tourism slogan, based on their experience and expertise.

The final determination of the winning bid will be made by the Organizer.

6. The Organizer can extend the term of the Contest if it considers that to do so will allow to gather more quality proposals and to have them publicly discussed.

Benefits to the Winner

7. The Organizer shall pay to the Contest winner the prize of 5000 (five thousand) US Dollars. If the winner is resident in the Kyrgyz Republic, the prize will be paid out in Kyrgyz Soms at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on the day of payment (restriction on domestic settlements in foreign currencies).

8. The winner of the Contest is free to use the Contest victory to publicize and advertise his/her creative abilities and services, including to other countries, regions, resorts, tourism projects etc. The Organizer will be happy to support the reputation of the winner by providing a relevant reference.