Receiving of slogans have been closed. Winners will be detected in 10 days. You can vote for any isset slogan in any time.


In our wildest dreams the contest organizers did not expect such a massive popular response. We now have over 2100 bids and they keep coming.

We have decided to extend the deadline of the contest for Kyrgyzstan's travel slogan till April 15.

We have also topped up the prize fund and have added three additional prize categories. Please read the terms here.

The last bid can be posted by 24:00 Bishkek time on April 15, 2019.

The winners will be announced on April 23.

Thank you all for participation!

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    Dear Friends!

    Kyrgyzstan does not yet have a tourism slogan :(

    An overwhelming majority of countries which attract foreign tourists have developed and are actively using easily memorable phrases and symbols which attempt to define the reasons why the country is attractive to the travellers.

    The challenge is — to create a unique, memorable travel slogan for the Kyrgyz Republic. The one which local and international travel agencies (as well as the Kyrgyz Government people responsible for this part of our economy) will pick up and use to identify Kyrgyzstan on the world travel market.

    The winner will be selected based on the conclusion of our authoritative Jury, and with due regard to the internet voting.

    To cast your vote you must register on this website. You will be given 10 votes which you are free to spread between several variants appealing to you or cast them all for just one that you think is simply the best. New slogans will be proposed as the contest progresses, so feel free to change your preferences at any time. To redistribute your votes please login, and by pressing + and change the allocation of your votes.

    To submit a contest proposal, please register here. Kindly note that you can not withdraw your proposal, neither change it. However, feel free to submit as many fresh ones as you wish!

    Although the contest has a monetary prize (5000$), your participation in it is first of all your contribution to the development of Kyrgyzstan — the most beautiful, most exciting contry in the world. In accordance with the terms of the contest, all the slogans submitted — both winning and not so — are free to be used by anyone. The only condition is — they may be used only in relation to Kyrgyzstan and no other country.

    This contest was organized by Kyrgyzstan-based investment company Leman Niet-Araket which is part of a Swiss financial group, Leman. In 2018 Leman acquired the company to develop world class investment services for Kyrgyzstani and global clients.